नसे तुझा देह चंदनाचा, न हे तुझे ओठ केशराचे

नसे तुझा देह चंदनाचा, न हे तुझे ओठ केशराचे
पुसून जातात संधिकाली कधी कधी रंग मेकपाचे!

असाच प्रत्येक आरतीतून आणला हा करून चोरी
म्हणून आता तयार झाले घरातले ढीग कापराचे!

करून संसार मी तुझा फक्त भारवाहू हमाल झालो
वहाण माझी अशीच फाटे करून फेरे किती घराचे !

निमूट ऐकून घ्यावयाला कुणीतरी लाडका हवा ना?
रडून ती दाखवी स्वतः का असून काळीज पत्थराचे!

तुझ्यासवे बोलतो तरी मी, तिला कधी भेटलोच नाही
कबूल ह्या प्रेमिकास आता तुझ्यात अस्तित्व सायराचे

कधी कधी मांजरेच काही चढून तोऱ्यात जात होती
घरात झालेच माणसांना उगाच आभास वानराचे!

तुझ्या नि माझ्या झटापटींच्या घडून गेल्या कितीक फेऱ्या
हवीहवीशी तुझी चढाई, असे सदा बोल अंतराचे

[आधारित- कधी तुझा देह चंदनाचा, कधी तुझे ओठ केशराचे- चित्त]
……………… कारकून

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Priyanka’s all praise for Amrita

Amrita Rao

It’s not everyday that B-town actresses appreciate the performances of their contemporaries

But Priyanka Chopra and Amrita Rao seem to be an exception to this rule. The two actresses recently caught up during a special show of Victory which stars Hurman S Baweja opposite Amrita. An insider revealed that Priyanka loved Amrita’s performance in the film and couldn’t wait to tell her that. The source says, “Priyanka liked Amrita’s performance so much that after the screening she went up to her and told her how much she appreciated her work in the film. Amrita was quite touched to hear that from Priyanka and the two ladies were inseparable as they chatted amicably for a long time after that.”

All this even when rumours of Amrita being the new gal in Hurman’s life — which till now revolved around Priyanka — are doing rounds! Must say some actors can look beyond competition. Way to go girls!


I stand alone in the rain

I stand alone in the rain
So no one can see me cry
Love hurts is all i say
As the one i thought
was my real love said goodbye
My heart aches inside
but i cover it up so no one sees
That im still in love
With the one that hurt me
Seein u love another person
makes me so sad and blue
SO when its rains I cry…
Tears fall down my cheeks
Because of you
With no one by my side
and with no one to care for me
The rain falls
Knowing that you rather love her than me!