Big B, Arjun, Tabu and Amrita in a periodical titled The Legend Of Kunal

Chandraprakash Dwivedi, who is best known for directing the famous TV serial Chanakya and the Urmila Matondkar starrer film Pinjar, is busy with his next period flick titled The Legend Of Kunal, which will star Amitabh Bachchan (as King Ashoka), Arjun Rampal (as Kunal, Ashoka’s son) and Tabu (as Pishyarakshita, the fifth wife of Ashoka). The latest entrant to this mega starcast is Amrita Rao, who is all set to play Kanchanmala (Arjun’s wife).

The Legend Of Kunal deals about the sexual strains between Tabu and Arjun Rampal (her step-son). While Tabu plays the character who suffers from sexual despair, Amitabh and Amrita happen to be the silent onlookers. Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Dr. Dwivedi said, ”This film will take you to a journey that purifies your mind and has all the elements like human passion, politics, crime and mystery. Overall, the film tries to capture and portray the conflict of human emotions and mind.”

Talking about his line up of films after The Legend of Kunal, Dwivedi said ”I will be working on Aashadh Ka Ek Din, a story based during 4th century, which also happens to be the period of Kalidas. This film is basically his love story as told by Mohandas. Since I have just acquired its copyrights, the scripting will take place in some days from now. Based on how the story takes shape, its casting will be decided. Let me also add that this is not a big budget movie since the movie will concentrate only on the literary and the love angle of Kalidas. But, this will be a start to finish movie”.

New Internet Explorer 8 Beta- What’s New?

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Six months after Beta 1 hit the streets, Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 to brave testers. The new beta includes features that make it look like a viable choice of modern browser, like a smart address bar (sound familiar?), tab grouping, private browsing, find in-page, suggested sites related to the current page, and more. Let’s take a look at what’s coming out of Redmond in the browser arena.

IE8 Beta 2’s Most Useful Features
Smart Address Bar: IE 8 beta 2 includes a Smart Address Bar, that, like Firefox 3’s “AwesomeBar,” drops down suggestions as-you-type a web site URL gleaned from your favorites, feeds, and history. Unlike Firefox, IE 8 includes headers so you can see where each suggestion comes from.

Tab Grouping: Ever open a bunch of links from a single page in new tabs, and then lose track of which tabs came from what page? IE8’s got a nifty “tab grouping” feature that colors your tabs based on their source. Here’s what a few tab groups—one from Lifehacker, one from the MSN homepage—look like.

InPrivate Browsing: What with the Smart Address Bar pulling up every site you’ve visited recently in plain view in its History suggestions, there may be times when you visit a site and have the browser forget it ever happened. IE 8 beta 2’s “InPrivate” browsing mode adds an icon to the address bar, and forgets you were ever at a web page when it’s enabled.

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Shreyas Talpade and Amrita Rao in Comedy Circus

This week in Comedy Circus will have the ‘Uniform Special’ and ‘Mute Special’ as Shreyas Talpade and Amrita Rao make it as special judges…
This week its double dhamaal on Comedy Circus where all three jodis Krushna-Sudesh, Kamya-Rajiv and Juhi-VIP give not one but two kick-ass acts. This run to the finales was split into parts; one was “Uniform Special” and the other “Mute Partner”. And the best part about this double dhamaal was that Comedy Circus had Shreyas Talpade and Amrita Rao as special judges, who indeed started the show with their outstandingly funny act and set the mood for the evening. After this special performance it was time for our infamous Jodis to take centre stage and enthrall the audiences with stomach-aching acts.
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