Amrita Rao reveals her love


Victory may well be revolving around the character of Harman Baweja but Amrita Rao still has great memories of shooting for the film, in particular the parts that were shot on outdoor locations in Rajasthan. After spending quite some time in Jaisalmer, she not just fell in love with the desert dunes but also the traditions, culture and music belonging to this part of the country.

”First schedule of the film took place in Rajasthan and it was particularly exciting for me because for the first time ever I was visiting Jaisalmer. I was fascinated with the sheer visual of so much of sand around. Then suddenly I saw people dressed in bright colours which was really contrasting with the background of the place. All the orange and pink colours turned the place into such a delightful watch”, says Amrita Rao fondly.

She was also particularly impressed by the traditional music that was being played around the shooting locations. ”We were shooting at this small temple and it was interesting to see the locals playing a small instrument that seemed to be a ‘taanpoora’. Then there was this old man who was wearing a turban and singing some songs that seem to have inspired quite a few Bollywood tracks that I have heard over the years”, says Amrita who herself is quite fond of classical music.

”That’s right, I love classical music and it was irresistible for me not to return back to this old man in between my shots. I spent some real good time in just listening to what he was playing”, smiles Amrita, ”What helped me further was the fact that all the lighter scenes from the film were chosen to be shot in dunes; hence it wasn’t difficult interacting with the locales.”

Harman plays perfect escort to Amrita

Adding fuel to rumours of an affair with Amrita Rao, actor Harman Baweja played the perfect escort to his “Victory” co-star at a promotional event.

“Where’s Amrita? I need to escort her; otherwise she will get crammed with people,” Harman told officials at the event.

The actors were at a jewellery showroom and fans were eagerly waiting for them outside the shop to get autographs. It was then that Harman caught hold of Amrita’s hand and led her away from the crowd.

I will not do a kissing scene if script demands, but the day I feel comfortable- Amrita Rao

Fresh from the success of her Telugu film Athidhi , Amrita Rao is back to Bollywood with her next film My Name is Anthony Gonsalves . She has some more exciting projects lined up. The charming actress speaks about upcoming films and also clears controversies surrounding her.

How does it feel after delivering a superhit Telugu cinema down south?
Athidhi was my first dabble with Tollywood. I was offered many roles in the south and everyone used to tell me why I don’t try my hands on it. Athidhi came after Vivah . I got the offer from Padmalaya which is a big name in the south. Also Mahesh Babu, who is my co-star in the film, is a superstar there. A lot of things worked for me. The film is a love story and I had a lot of fun shooting for it. On the very day the film released it made a business of Rs 6 crores. Thankfully I was there in Hyderabad shooting for Shyam Benegal’s film. I felt so proud at that moment.

The media involved you in the Shahid –Kareena spilt. Did it strain your relationship with Shahid?
Not at all! The media has been very supportive and positive towards me. But there are certain elements or pages which are designed for gossip which cause trouble. But I guess it’s their job. You end up reading stuff about yourself which is sometimes news to you.

So are you open to doing more films with Shahid?
Absolutely, I will do more films with Shahid

Your next film My Name is Anthony Gonsalves sees you playing the role of an assistant director. Would we ever see you actually directing a film?
That would be quite a jump for me.

Why do you think the film was titled My Name is Anthony Gonsalves ?
Nowadays to find an original name is a creative effort. I think the title is fantastic and fits in with the story line. It is a title which one instantly likes. And I guess also because the protagonist in the film called Anthony is a struggling actor and he wants people to look at him.

What is your character in the film like?
You cannot be an actor without giving an audition. And I, being the assistant director in the film, am the one who explains the audition to aspiring actors. I play a Catholic girl called Rhea in the film.

Could you relate to your character?
I was very familiar with this role from day one. It took me back to my early days when I had to interact with a lot of assistant directors. Farah Khan had taken my audition for the film Main Hoon Na . For some reason she walked in late for the audition and her assistant director explained everything to me so well that I did the audition in one take.

How was it working with others?
We had a great actor like Mithun on the sets. I loved him in Guru . I think we need actors with experience like him. I have worked with Lillete Dubey before, she reminds me of Farah Khan. Anupam Kher and Pawan Malhotra are great actors. Nikhil is extremely confident. Confidence is his second name. I thought I would have to make him comfortable as it’s his first film, but I didn’t have to. Anupamji and I have worked together in Vivah . We share a great bond. He is the favourite amongst unit members.

You missed working with Shah Rukh in OSO .
Yes indeed. When Farah had asked me to do a cameo in Om Shanti Om I was shooting in Austria for my Telugu film. Then Farah asked me to do a cameo in the Filmfare Awards scene in the film for the ‘Main Bhi Hoon Naa’ segment but unfortunately then too I was shooting in Thailand. Farah did not have much time and had to wrap up soon.

But with My Name is Anthony Gonsalves , I got to work with him again. Though this time as a producer (Red Chillies).

Much has been spoken about your item number in MNIAG.
There is a misunderstanding here. There is an item number in the film but that’s done by Hrishita Bhatt. I just have a dance number. The song is the only romantic song in the entire film. It has been shot in Goa and is choreographed by Bosco and Ceaser. They have given the song a new look and have given us scope to experiment. It’s a groovy number where you can throw loads of attitude to the camera.

You mean to say all the reports on you attempting to change the girl-next-door image from Vivah were false
I haven’t tried to defy any image, especially the one in Vivah . My image in Vivah has helped me find a place amongst the masses which I don’t want to destroy. I believe I have always had distinct looks in my films. May it be Vivah or Main Hoon Na or even Masti . I have always managed to surprise the audience. In My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves I play an assistant director, it’s a complete non glamorous role as they don’t have the time to dress up. The romantic song is a dream sequence and is one of my best romantic songs ever.

How did a Shyam Benegal film fall into your scheme of things?
It’s a film called Typist Mahadev . It’s a satirical comedy. Everyone has a preconceived notion about Shyam Benegal which is about to change. This time around his film is going to be a commercial one with a great story line. One day I got a call from Shyam Benegal’s office and I was told that Shyam Benegal wants to meet me. Shyam Benegal has been the topper in my wish list of the directors I want to work with. I did not even ask what the film or my role is about. I just said I am on!

The film stars Shreyas Talpade. I have become a big fan of his after working with him. There are also many theatre actors in the film like Yashpal Sharma, Ila Arun, Divya Dutta and many more.

There were reports that the role offered to you in Anil Kapoor’s Shortcut was earlier offered to Lara Dutta but she refused because she did not want to be paired opposite Arshad Warsi. Do you have any such reservations?
I am not aware as Arshad Warsi doesn’t have a heroine in the film. This offer came to me before Vivah and I took it up.

What is the film about?
Shortcut is a thriller. You do have comedy because of Arshad. There is also Akshaye Khanna in the film. Both Akshaye and Arshad have evolved as such fine actors.

Why was the original director of the film changed from Roshan Andrews to Neeraj Vora?
I am not aware of this because when I was roped in for the film they did not have a director.

Have you seen the original Tamil film ‘Udayananu Tharam’ from which Shortcut is being remade?
I haven’t seen the Tamil version but there is a new look to this film. The Tamil version is quite old and people’s sensibilities have changed now.

Is David Dhawan’s ‘Hook Ya Crook’ happening anytime soon? Or is the project shelved?
I had signed this film before Vivah . It’s a UTV film and they are still gathering the required set up for the film. Sometimes there are factors due to which a film gets delayed.

Also you have signed Victory opposite Harman Baweja.
Yes, I am quite excited for the film. The buzz about Harman is that he is not only a good actor with good looks but also a great dancer. So I am looking forward to work with him. The film is going to be a thriller.

Finally a lot has been spoken about you not doing the Yash Raj Film. Would you like to clarify the issue? Did you have any reservations doing a kissing scene?
Actually it’s all wrong the way it has been portrayed. What happened was that I could not relate to the character which was being offered to me. I met Adi and told him that I won’t be able to do justice to the film as I can’t relate to the character. Adi was very understanding and knew what I was trying to say. He even said that next time we will definitely work together. There were no ego hassles there.

So will you ever do a kissing scene if the script demands it?
Not if they script demands. The day I feel comfortable I will do it. I have always done everything according to my comfort level.

Amrita Rao talks about working with first time directors

Amrita Rao has worked with many established film makers in the past. Sooraj Barjatya (VIVAAH), Rajkumar Santoshi (THE LEGEND OF BHAGAT SINGH), Raj Kanwar (AB KE BARAS), Indra Kumar (MASTI, PYAARE MOHAN) and Shyam Benegal (WELCOME TO SAJJAPUR) are some of the top names that she has been associated with. However, when it comes to working in a film that is being helmed by first timers, they have been far and few.

In the past there have been two such film makers – Ken Ghosh (ISHQ VISHK) and Farah Khan (MAIN HOON NAA). Both the films were quite successful at the box office. And now she returns with Ajitpal Mangat for VICTORY. One is immediately led to ask her about the criteria that she sets for herself before giving a go ahead to a project with a first time director?

Amrita Rao: Demure or hot on demand!

Amrita Rao
Amrita Rao

October 04, 2008, (Sawf News) – Amrita Rao probably believes that talent, and not marketing, sells, and her folly ensured that we got to see her delightful comedy film Welcome To Sajjanpurwith the hall almost to ourselves, just a week after the film’s release!

Not just Amrita Rao, the other talent packed into the film – Shyam Benegal, Shreyas Talpade, Ila Arun and Ravi Kishan – probably have the same mindset, a pity!

Welcome To Sajjanpur is probably the most undersold recent film. It is estimated to have been made at a cost of Rs 2.5 crore, and marketed with a budget of Rs 4 crore, though how the marketing funds were spent is a mystery to us. Probably to entertain the leading print media in five stare hotels!

Not that it did any good, because the leading print media chose to focus more on M F Husain’s praise of Amrita’s performance in the film, rather than appreciate her portrayal of Kamla on their own.

The film is claimed to have grossed Rs 6.5 crore in its first week, a figure we are inclined to take with the proverbial pinch of salt, going by the empty hall that we encountered in the NCR multiplex.

Anyway, back to Amrita Rao, the lass who appears to be completely focused on building an impressive body of work, rather than promoting herself as the best under 30 actress in Bollywood today, which she is, with due apologies to the almost equally talented Kapoor motor mouth Kareena!

Incidentally, Kareena is giving her motor mouth a rest and instead using her brought back from oblivion elder sister Karisma Kapoor to promote herself, and her equally brash journo bashing beau Saif Ali Khan, maybe because she is finding it a challenge to impress Aamir Khan on the set of 3 Idiots.

Amrita’s performance in her past two films, Shaurya and Welcome to Sajjanpur, was impressive not just because of the confidence with which she faces the camera but also the carefully measured tones with which she delivers her dialogs. It is hard to think of any other actress who can match the restrain and measure with which Amrita speaks on screen.

Amrita, 27, packs more than just good looks and superb histrionic abilities. She has one of the finest sense of style and sartorial taste in Bollywood today.

Unlike past Benegal leading ladies, like Shabana Azmi and Smita Patil, Amrita can straddle commercial and art of cinema with greater ease because of her higher glamour coefficient, but it remains to be seen if she can emulate Rekha, the only Benegal favorite who rose to the top in Bollywood.

We are just happy that Benegal is considering Amrita for more films.

Amrita’s upcoming films include

Ajit Pal’s Victory, in which she plays a small town girl from Jaisalmer who is a medical student with a modern mindset. She co-stars in the film with Anupam Kher, Gulshan Grover and Harman Baweja.

Neeraj Vora’s Shortkut in which she plays a completely glamorous girl and co-stars with Akshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Sanjay Dutt and Simi Grewal.