Amrita Rao prepares for a unique role

Amrita Rao’s simple, cute and innocent look has helped her to carve a niche for herself her own unique way in B-Town.

She hasn’t gone overtly sexy yet has happily done her own thing and has shone in varied roles in ‘Main Hoon Na’, ‘Vivaah’, ‘Welcome to Sajjanpur’ and ‘Victory’.

Now she’s getting ready for the big one-Chadraprakash Dwivedi’s upcoming period film ‘The Legend Of Kunala’.

In October it was reported that Jaya Bachchan was impressed by Amrita’s docile image and recommended her name.

The film will be produced by the revived production company Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited (ABCL) which after major losses many years ago wants to start the year with a blockbuster.

Amitabh Bachchan is set to play the role of Emperor Ashoka. Arjun Rampal will in all probability play the role of King Kunala. And Tabu will be seen as the Emperor’s wife.

It was reported that Tabu’s character is very strong and suffers from sexual deprivation. And there’s a lot of sexual tension between her and her step son Kunala.

That way Amrita’s role of princess Kanchanmala, the wife of Kunala is very important. According to Dwivedi, he wanted an actress who could stand up to Tabu and Amrita being a good actress fitted the bill perfectly.

As the story centers on Arjun Rampal’s character, Amrita who will play his wife is expected to have a good share of screen time. It’s rare for actresses to grab a good role in a period film which has a bunch of acclaimed actors. This seems like a unique opportunity for Amrita.

The actress thinks that the role of a pure and calm girl will prove to be a turning point in her career. She seems to be fully confident about the film doing well and the high hopes seem natural.

Amrita is preparing for the role and is going through ancient history books about the rule of Emperor Ashoka and the life at that time.

Well after the homework and preparations of that kind, she’s likely to stand out in the crowd yet again.

Amrita Rao: Demure or hot on demand!

Amrita Rao
Amrita Rao

October 04, 2008, (Sawf News) – Amrita Rao probably believes that talent, and not marketing, sells, and her folly ensured that we got to see her delightful comedy film Welcome To Sajjanpurwith the hall almost to ourselves, just a week after the film’s release!

Not just Amrita Rao, the other talent packed into the film – Shyam Benegal, Shreyas Talpade, Ila Arun and Ravi Kishan – probably have the same mindset, a pity!

Welcome To Sajjanpur is probably the most undersold recent film. It is estimated to have been made at a cost of Rs 2.5 crore, and marketed with a budget of Rs 4 crore, though how the marketing funds were spent is a mystery to us. Probably to entertain the leading print media in five stare hotels!

Not that it did any good, because the leading print media chose to focus more on M F Husain’s praise of Amrita’s performance in the film, rather than appreciate her portrayal of Kamla on their own.

The film is claimed to have grossed Rs 6.5 crore in its first week, a figure we are inclined to take with the proverbial pinch of salt, going by the empty hall that we encountered in the NCR multiplex.

Anyway, back to Amrita Rao, the lass who appears to be completely focused on building an impressive body of work, rather than promoting herself as the best under 30 actress in Bollywood today, which she is, with due apologies to the almost equally talented Kapoor motor mouth Kareena!

Incidentally, Kareena is giving her motor mouth a rest and instead using her brought back from oblivion elder sister Karisma Kapoor to promote herself, and her equally brash journo bashing beau Saif Ali Khan, maybe because she is finding it a challenge to impress Aamir Khan on the set of 3 Idiots.

Amrita’s performance in her past two films, Shaurya and Welcome to Sajjanpur, was impressive not just because of the confidence with which she faces the camera but also the carefully measured tones with which she delivers her dialogs. It is hard to think of any other actress who can match the restrain and measure with which Amrita speaks on screen.

Amrita, 27, packs more than just good looks and superb histrionic abilities. She has one of the finest sense of style and sartorial taste in Bollywood today.

Unlike past Benegal leading ladies, like Shabana Azmi and Smita Patil, Amrita can straddle commercial and art of cinema with greater ease because of her higher glamour coefficient, but it remains to be seen if she can emulate Rekha, the only Benegal favorite who rose to the top in Bollywood.

We are just happy that Benegal is considering Amrita for more films.

Amrita’s upcoming films include

Ajit Pal’s Victory, in which she plays a small town girl from Jaisalmer who is a medical student with a modern mindset. She co-stars in the film with Anupam Kher, Gulshan Grover and Harman Baweja.

Neeraj Vora’s Shortkut in which she plays a completely glamorous girl and co-stars with Akshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Sanjay Dutt and Simi Grewal.

Amrita Rao promotes ‘Victory’ on ‘Chhote Miyan’

Amrita Rao
Amrita Rao

Amrita Rao looked hot in a plum mini dress when she visited the set of Chhote Miyan to promote her new film Victory

Amrita Rao
Amrita Rao

She paired her spaghetti strap criss-crossed front dress with black peep toe heels. Sans jewelry and with light makeup, she let her beautiful skin be the focus. Her two toned dark straight hair with light brown ends were styled to frame her face.

The Chhote Miyan participants were at their usual joyful best in the company of the talented and beautiful actress.

‘Victory’ becomes the buzz word on the set, taking from which Mansirat and Mohit put up a terrific performance and were rewarded with a goody bag by the judges, who too warmed up to the concept of victory and decided not to mark anyone stringently.

So with everyone being in a win-win situation, who lost out? To find out, tune into ING Presents Chhote Miyan on January 24, 2009, Saturday at 9:00 pm only on COLORS.