Amrita prefers love over career

MUMBIA: While some girls in the industry believe in unabashedly promoting their boyfriends (like Konkana Sen does with Ranvir), some others do it stealthily – shy and low profile Amrita Rao is one of those. Buzz is that Amrita, has finally, found a boyfriend in her My Name is Anthony Gonsalves co-star, Nikhil Dwivedi and has been silently promoting him to producers who approach her with work. Recently, Jag Mundhra approached Amrita with an offer to play the lead in one of his films. Amrita apparently asked the director to cast Nikhil opposite her and when he didn’t Amrita found a number of reasons to refuse the film. As expected Amrita denied the news, “I don’t have the power to ask directors to cast a particular actor. Why would I do that?” She also specified that Nikhil and she were just “good friends”. However, Mundhra had an entirely different story to narrate, “Amrita didn’t ask me directly to cast Nikhil in the film. Her secretary suggested Nikhil’s name to me and told me that Nikhil was a great actor and would do justice to the role but I felt otherwise so I didn’t even approach him.” Mundhra isn’t the only director whom Amrita tried to influence. Yet another filmmaker on condition of anonymity reveals, “When I offered Amrita my film she was keen on doing it. She then asked me to contact her secretary who told me to consider casting Nikhil opposite her but since I had already signed an actor I refused. A few days later they informed me that Amrita wasn’t interested in doing my film.” Apparently Amrita’s mother isn’t too happy with her daughter’s sudden interest in Nikhil. A source close to the Rao family reveals, “Amrita and Nikhil are keeping their relationship low profile because Amrita’s parents aren’t happy about it. They want Amrita to focus on her career and not on Nikhil’s career. Until very recently Amrita’s mum used to screen her calls and interviews. It was only recently that Amrita has become so independent and bold. May be this change has come about because she is in love…but if she continues to refuse films because of Nikhil she may end up with no career!”

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