Amrita Rao reveals her love


Victory may well be revolving around the character of Harman Baweja but Amrita Rao still has great memories of shooting for the film, in particular the parts that were shot on outdoor locations in Rajasthan. After spending quite some time in Jaisalmer, she not just fell in love with the desert dunes but also the traditions, culture and music belonging to this part of the country.

”First schedule of the film took place in Rajasthan and it was particularly exciting for me because for the first time ever I was visiting Jaisalmer. I was fascinated with the sheer visual of so much of sand around. Then suddenly I saw people dressed in bright colours which was really contrasting with the background of the place. All the orange and pink colours turned the place into such a delightful watch”, says Amrita Rao fondly.

She was also particularly impressed by the traditional music that was being played around the shooting locations. ”We were shooting at this small temple and it was interesting to see the locals playing a small instrument that seemed to be a ‘taanpoora’. Then there was this old man who was wearing a turban and singing some songs that seem to have inspired quite a few Bollywood tracks that I have heard over the years”, says Amrita who herself is quite fond of classical music.

”That’s right, I love classical music and it was irresistible for me not to return back to this old man in between my shots. I spent some real good time in just listening to what he was playing”, smiles Amrita, ”What helped me further was the fact that all the lighter scenes from the film were chosen to be shot in dunes; hence it wasn’t difficult interacting with the locales.”


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