Do you think Raj Thakarey is Doing Good for Marathi Manoos?

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Please give your opinion for this issue (Especially Marathi Manoos). Please leave your comments also.

14 Replies to “Do you think Raj Thakarey is Doing Good for Marathi Manoos?”

  1. jithe jachal tithe jastit jast marathicha vapar kara tyachya shivay he sudharnar nahit jai maharastra mala mi marathi aslyacha garv ahe mns

  2. jay maharashtra!!!!!!!! jay marathi!!!!!

    Well pan ek gosht lakshat ghetale pahije ki yaatun apalya sarakhya marathi lokanache bhale zaale tarach changle aahe! nahitar ase barech lok bhashevar rajakaran karun swatahacha khajina vadhavoon nighun gelyacha itihaas aahe bharatacha!

    Mala aasha aahe Raj Thakreji kahitari karatil!

  3. marathi mansachya hakkasathi ani astitwasathi ladhanara vyakti mahnje Raj Thakre.
    Jar marathi mansala Maharastrat Marathi mahnun jagayache sel tar Raj thakre yana suuport kelach pahije. maharastrat yeun apli satta gajiwinrya amarathi lokana dhada shikiwinyasathi Raj samrath ahet.
    Come on Raj we all are with you.

  4. raj je kahi kartayet te barobar ahe. Balasaheb yanchya nantar fakta raj cha ahet je marathi aani marathi manasa sathi ladhtayet aani pudhe pan ladhtil. Amhala tyancha garva ahe JAI MAHARASHTRA

  5. my dear marathi mitra,
    marathi manach,marathi banyacha,marathi swabhimancha aani saglyat mahatwache shivaji maharajacha tatwancha jopasnakarnara saglyache mi swagat karto. swami vivekanandacha BRID WAKYALA MI NAMAN KARTO “MALA MAZA HINDU HONYAWAR GARAV AAHE ”

    aani marathila kami lekhanara , marathi mansala kami lekhanara saglacha mi shatri aahe.

  6. sampurna Belgaun tujya patishi ahe raj……
    assa koni tari pahije hota ani tu bhetlas…….
    keep it up…….garaj padli tar amhi pan madatila ahot…
    phone kar : 0 98444 97079

  7. Mazya Tamama MARATHI Bandhwanna,Maza Manacha Mujara………

    MARATHI sathi kivha MARATHI MANASA sathi RAJ Saheb je karata ahet te yogya ahe.MARATHI MANASA la nyay milava ,tyach deinandin jivan sukhi whave,MARATHI MANASA la rojgar milava ,MUMBAI-MAHARASTRA chi Pragati whavi hach hetu te balagatat.
    RAJ saheb he ek prabhavi vakti ahe tyanha sarv MARATHI MANSANI Support dyava.



  9. i think all non maharashtians including political leaders and mediapersons are targetting maharashtra under the pretext of opposing raj thakre.If such dirty policy continues all indians should take note that we marathis will also start demanding separate nation.It is sad but we marathis are helpless as non marathis doesnt treats us as indians though we are true indians

  10. As a marathi manus i wud advice all fellow mumbaikars to keep Marathi Asmita on first priority but without using violence and respecting our sound heritage and culture. Resorting to violence wont help us in preserving our culture and glorious history.
    We the sensible people who really love mumbai and its people should really get rid of the political vultures ready to pounce on the fragile sentiments of the people living here and making an issue out of the current woes faced by us.

    The best way is to vote sensibly in the coming elections and making it a point to vote. If we fail to vote (and I mean the so called white collared and IT people who feel ashamed to cast their vote since its down market)then we have nothing but to blame ourselves for the chaos and total infrastructure breakdown we are currently facing in the future too in a bigger ratio.

    think wise and vote…

  11. I am taking this comment from a Muslim commentator at a web site. Allthough I am very sure that MNS is going the ULFA way and somewhere leaders like Abu Azmi are fuelling the divide in the nation. But I liked this Muslim Gentleman’s comment.

    ”I feel this is politics at its worst. Two failed leaders who see the election coming nearer seem to have united to divide the country.

    One is Laloo Yadav and other is Raj Thackeray and these are brothers in arm.

    Laloo Yadav ruled Bihar for 15 years and bashed Upper castes regularly but not once talked progress. Raj Thackeray is a man in hurry. He knows Mumbai is failing and he knows Mumbaikars are fed up with infrastructure woes. What best thing to do rather than solve a problem find the cause of the problem? And as we all do we point a finger to a person regarding his ethnicity, religion, caste or language.

    Let me dissect Laloo. He is not once calling for progress in Bihar or asking biharis to use this opportunity to develop Bihar. All he is doing is shouting that this is wrong. I will stop Trains. I will do chat Puja in Mumbai.

    Let me dissect Raj. He is shouting how come few Biharis wrote this and said this and did that. Did he once say that Krishna(Mathura) and Ram(Ayodhya) both were also Bhaiyyas? And yet he may use Gita and Ramayana daily to elaborate he is a hindu. Isn’t Jhansi in UP and don’t so many Marathis live there? Isn’t indore in MP and don’t so many Marathis live there? Infact this entire belt has Maratha heritage.

    Did Raj open a school? Did he worked with lower class Maratha people? One Raj Bihari is shot down and Raj feels his security is threatened but did he once think about the people he is making insecure.

    This is all politics. Hindu, Muslim, Upper caste, Lower caste, Hindi, Marathi.

    Sad part is that the biggest racists among all are the well educated people.”

  12. Some thoughts on Raj as a marathi manoos.

    Raj Thackeray is touching the marathi people’s heart because of the total collapse of system in Mumbai. What the marathis should not do is turn this into an ego issue against the nation and against biharis as fellow human beings and Indians which is where it is wrong.

    I will here like to bring to the fore the case of ULFA in Assam. ULFA in its heydays was an hindu outfit driving out Bangladeshi Muslims from Assam. Through clever intelligent tactics ISI turned ULFA against the biharis. The result was that ULFA has been mowing down biharis while now becoming mute on the demographic changes happening through bangladesh.

    Coming to Maharashtra the leaders in background who are fuming this anger are people like Abu Azmi, Majid memon and the strategy is the same. Marathas are proud Indians but over a period of time what happened in Assam is trying to be imitated here.

    Also I respect leaders like Nitish in Bihar. They should try to develo Bihar so that the root problem of high immigration can come to an end. The anger of local mumbaikars is not on immigration. It is break down of a city from a beautiful place into a slum city.

    I am sure Raj is not doing the correct thing but who cares. He will also not do anything for Mumbai or Maharashtra but remember rabid leaders do win. He is taking a leaf out of Modi but he is not hesitating to use it against fellow Hindus as well. The attention from Bangladeshis has now turned to north Indians. My only question is ”Is Raj a hero because of some progressive work or because of what he is doing now”?

  13. Raj Thackeray is fighting for the rights of all the Marathi people.
    He has not done anything wrong and all of us are very proud of him.
    He does not hate the North Indians but he just feels that they should respect our Marathi language and culture since they are living here.
    also, its not just the MNS activists who are involved in the riots but the comman man i.e. the public also since we cannot bear our great leader being troubled like this.

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