Shyam Benegal’s Welcome to Sajjanpur



          They say, laughter is the best medicine; they also say good films help producers laugh all the way to the bank. But here’s one filmmaker you would have least expected to see to make comic capers.

Yes, it is Shyam Benegal who now seems raring to attempt a genre he’s hardly ever ventured into during his illustrious career. “This is the time when people seem to appreciate comic satires and all that. It appears to be the right kind of time to make a comedy,” said Shyam Benegal.

And his directorial first in comedy will be “Welcome to Sajjanpur”–a movie thats rather high on some heavy duty rustic humour.

“I think you better see the film. It’s going to take another 2 and a half weeks to get it released. That’s not long to go”, Shyam Benegal.

For Benegal who is better known for his films like Manthan, Sardari Begum and ZUbeida, films that are a tad removed from commercial sensibilities and compromises. Welcome to Sajjanpur is indeed a huge deviation.

Clearly the lines that divide parallel and mainstream cinema is blurring and considerably at that!

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